What’s up?

Wow, Oct 2012 was the last post. Well, here I am, I’ve been mostly unavailable due to the fact that my daughter hogs the laptop. I found my old T41 IBM laptop, fired it up and it still works like a charm! Granted my husband wiped it and loaded Ubuntu, but hey, it still works! Changes, changes, changes. I got rid of some domain names like Shopperanza, Sweetercrafts and Bizmake since I haven’t been able to capitalize on them. Maybe other folks will have better luck with them.So now I just have two: this one and TheGaerlans.com where I post my book reviews. I really try to post as many book reviews as I can, but lately, between sleep and reading, I usually choose the former.

I’m unable to join two conferences that I love going to: ALA Annual and BlogHer. ALA Annual is where I get my book fix-last year I was able to get 250 galleys; BlogHer is where I won two, yes two iPads. Boy was that fun. It was in BlogHer where I found out how mommy bloggers earn their money (or not). Getting free stuff was neat, but the whole PR and marketing aspect of it was a lot of work! I tried it out for a while with the ads and item reviews, but it wasn’t as fun as I hoped. I do like shopping, but there were already a ton of women doing that already, who offer coupons and savings info with a huge following. So I decided to just focus on books–since I want to write about what I know! On top of that, I plan to share information about libraries on the Gaerlans site–maybe the name can be better…I’m still pondering on it. As far as Andrienne goes, this really should be a blog about me as a mom, crafter, and everything else except stuff from libraryland.

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